Managing the EU external Borders and increasing Migration Policy Choices: Spain, Italy, Greece, and Poland

  • Online Seminar

  • 2. Dezember 2021, 9 Uhr

  • Presseclub Concordia, ERSTE Foundation, fjum, Europe's Futures

Registered participants will receive a Zoom link one day before the event.

Giuseppe Campesi, associate professor in law and society, University of Bari. Expert in border control and migration policies.
Angeliki Dimitriadi, political scientist, specialist in irregular migration and policy analyst. She is the Head of the Migration Programme at ELIAMEP, the leading think-tank in Greece.
Marta Jaroszewicz, an expert in migration and security. Assistant professor at Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw.
Expert from Spain to be confirmed.
Concept and Moderation
Mirjana Tomić, Presseclub Concordia/fjum and Ivan Vejvoda, acting Rector of Institute for Human Sciences (IWM)

European Union member states disagree on migration policies and how to manage their external borders. However, migrants and refuges keep arriving. The phenomenon is not new, but the numbers keep increasing.

How have Spain, Italy, Greece, and Poland managed their border policies? Which policies were debated? What were the options?

Migration and policy experts from Spain, Italy, Greece, and Poland explain the situation on the ground. Do migration/border policies reflect facts on the ground, or they follow ideological guidelines irrespective of developments? Have they been successful? What does success mean?

Brief presentations followed by a live Q&A

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Cooperation partners:
ERSTE Foundation, Europe’s Futures (IWM), Presseclub Concordia and Fjum