EU-Russia Relations: a View from Russia Narratives, polarizations, sanctions. A Conversation with Tatiana Romanova, Russian expert on EU-Russia Relations

  • Online-Talk

  • 30 March 2022, 9-10 CEST

  • Presseclub Concordia, fjum

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Tatiana Romanova, political scientist, is an Associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University. Her research focuses on the EU-Russian economic and political relations, Russian foreign policy, energy markets and security, Green Deal, and sanctions. Romanova has published numerous books and articles on the EU- Russia relations. Based in Saint Petersburg.

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As the war in Ukraine escalates and the EU and US sanctions against Russia intensify, numerous communication and information channels have been interrupted.

Tatiana Romanova will assess the initial impact of sanctions and explore the ongoing debates and polarizations in the Russian society about the war and sanctions.

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Mirjana Tomic, Presseclub Concordia/fjum

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