Elections in Italy: Democracy at Stake or Business as Usual?

  • Online Seminar

  • 15. September 2022, 9-10.30 Uhr

  • Presseclub Concordia, fjum, ERSTE STIFTUNG, Europe's Future



Internal political scene and public opinion polls

Lorenzo Pregliasco, linguist, specialist in political communication and public opinion research. Co-founder of the pollster and political analysis firm Quorum/YouTrend and an adjunct professor at the School of Political Science of the University of Bologna, Italy. Podcast host: Qui si fa l’Italia. Turin, Italy.

Can major foreign policy changes be expected?

Giovanna Pancheri is an award-winning journalist, anchor, and international correspondent. She is currently anchoring her own news show at the main News Network in Italy: Sky TG24.


Mirjana Tomić, fjum/Presseclub Concordia and Ivan Vejvoda, Director of Europe’s Futures-Ideas for Action program (IWM)


Italy holds snap elections on 25 September 2022. Most opinion polls indicate that the far-right party with a fascist past, Fratelli d’ Italia could lead the new government. Should predictions turn out to be correct, how can this attraction of the far-right be explained? Which policy changes can be expected? Could there be significant changes in foreign affairs, should Giorgia Meloni become a prime minister? Brussels and EU capitals observe Italian political developments with unease. Are these concerns justified?

Target Groups

Austrian and international journalists, thinktank analysts, and academics. 

Format: Moderated conversation followed by a live Q&A