A Conversation with Gerard Ryle, Director of ICIJ

The Man behind Panama, Paradise, and Pandora Papers: Organising, coordinating, financing and impact of mega-investigations

  • Online Talk

  • 16. Oktober 2021, 16 Uhr

  • Presseclub Concordia, fjum

Gerard Ryle is ICIJ’s director. He led the worldwide teams of journalists working on the Pandora Papers,  Panama Papers and Paradise Papers investigations, the biggest in journalism history. Under his leadership, ICIJ has become one of the best-known journalism brands in the world.

Reporters Without Borders has described Ryle’s work with ICIJ as „the future of investigative journalism worldwide“ when naming him as one of „100 information heroes“ of worldwide significance. (Source: ICJI).

Ryle is the first foreigner to lead ICIJ. He is Irish and Australian.


Pandora Papers, Paradise Papers and Panama Papers constitute among the biggest investigations and revelations in journalism history, involving hundreds of journalists and media outlets across the globe. The impact of these revelations, focusing on corruption and financial transactions of the international political, economic, and cultural elites, has had major political impact in numerous countries. These revelations, sometimes legal but morally questionable, while other times illegal, are global; however, the impact is local.

How does this enormous investigation mechanism work? Who finances the investigations? What has been the political impact of major revelations? Do citizen care? Does democracy profit?


Moderated conversation with Gerard Ryle, followed by a live Q@A.

Concept and Moderation

Mirjana Tomic, fjum/Presseclub Concordia

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